#imakealiving is made up of an event series, a podcast, and an online community specifically for the self-employed. While created and administered by FreshBooks, #imakealiving wouldn’t be possible without our valuable partners and speakers.


It starts with FreshBooks connecting the right people — passionate business owners — and results in experiences and gatherings that give back to small business and entrepreneurial communities across North America.


We go beyond one single event or gathering and instead promote ongoing connections of individuals and potential business partners looking to learn from one another.


People in the self-employed community share many things in common and understanding how to succeed is at the top of that list. 


Each #imakealiving event provides insight into how different people make success happen, and we explore the obstacles and challenges people face while making a living in their own unique way.

Partners & Sponsors

#imakealiving gets a lot of sponsorship offers, but that’s not what we’re all about. The brands we work with are our partners, which holds true to the idea of each event: Brands and their communities coming together, big and small, to support each other's success.


There’s 24 million people who have used FreshBooks and 2000 #imakealiving members added a year.

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